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Leadership Credo

I was motivated by Katie Anderson to write and share my own Leadership Credo. (See below.)

This was a wonderful exercise. It helped me put on paper what I value and how I show up. I encourage you to write and share your own!

  1. Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment. Take immediate action if/when anyone violates the safety of myself or others.

  2. Behave in an authentic manner, demonstrating consistency of values regardless of the context.

  3. Create an environment of inclusion. Work with individuals to overcome barriers to equity.

  4. Strive to see and appreciate the whole person, not just the parts commonly brought to work.

  5. Ask open-ended questions to learn different perspectives and avoid influencing others to align with my own thinking.

  6. Listen with the intent to understand.

  7. See the potential in each person and take the opportunity to tell them the positive that I see.

  8. Recognize there are different ways to get to the same goal. Allow space for this.

  9. Keep promises. If I cannot meet a promise, be open, honest, and quick to express this.

  10. Approach work with lightness and joy. We spend a great deal of our life working, so it is important to have fun!

What is YOUR Leadership Credo?

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