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Photo above is from Jamie V. Parker's podcast, Lean Leadership for Operations Managers.

Jamie is pictured in the center, and another guest Continuous Improvement expert, Meredith Fisher, is shown on the right. 

Check out these recent media mentions... 

What a delightful experience facilitating a webinar with Elisabeth Swan and Tracy O'Rourke, co-hosts of JIT Cafe! I had a blast leading an interactive session with the JIT audience on effective methods to engage a team. We used Mural to practice Lean activities the facilitators could use in future events or projects.

Check it out here! Hot Tips and Activities for Lean Facilitators to Increase Team Engagement, with Stephanie Hill


Purpose. Painting. Piercing. Process. Portuguese.
Where else can you find all these P’s? Only on this episode of Cultura de Excelencia as I was interviewed by Karyn Ross

Check it out here


I am a HUGE fan of Sam Morgan's series, CI in 5! Sam invites guests to spend five minutes sharing what five words move describe Continuous Improvement for them.

Check it out here


I had such a blast as Bella Englebach's podcast guest, along with Karyn Rossdiscussing how we used Lean to redefine how Prysm Body Piercing does business.

Have a listen and consider where YOU can reach The Edges of Lean!


I joined Mark Graban from KaiNexus, on a webinar in which I talked about "Transitioning Lean from Manufacturing to the Office."

Be sure to check it out here

KN Webinar.PNG

Jamie Parker hosted Meredith Fisher and me on her podcast to talk about Improving Daily Stand-Ups. That episode made it to the top of the 2020 Most Popular list of the Lean Leadership for Operations Managers podcasts!

See if you can pick up some tips for your own stand-ups! 

Ep 15.png
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