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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the most of my free 30-minute consultation?

Once you connect with us, we will spend 30 minutes discussing your challenge and current situation. Be prepared to talk about the overall vision, mission, and values, as well as indicators of any concerns. Once we have had our initial discussion, we will draft a proposal of our consulting services that will provide the best outcome in the most efficient and effective way possible. +Learn More


What types of problems have you worked on for organizations?

We have worked on a broad set of improvements from employees wanting to reduce the number of invoicing errors to a CEO wanting to create better strategic alignment to increase profit and capacity.


Specific examples include:

  • Creating a streamlined end-to-end Procure-to-Pay process. This included clarifying accountabilities, identifying and managing risk, creating a control plan, and setting up a monitoring process

  • Partnering with technology staff and business owners to implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software throughout the organization.

  • Improving the onboarding process, so new employees were able to arrive on day one prepared to add value to the organization

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In what geographical locations do you provide services?

We are based in Columbus, Ohio and are able to provide services anywhere. We will travel up to 30 miles from our location without charging travel fees. For those organizations that are out of state or international, we will leverage virtual platforms whenever possible to reduce travel expenses. +Learn More

What approach will you take to help us solve our problem?

While opportunities to improve are unique to each organization, we use a standard approach that we adapt to fit the industry, culture, and situation. This model begins with your organization’s strategy and framework, and ensures appropriate buy-in, execution, and sustainability. We will partner with you throughout the process to establish an ongoing monitoring system that someone internal to your organization will own. Our goal is to teach and coach this model along the way, so that it becomes a method your organization can do (with optional coaching) even when Light Bulb Moment Consulting is no longer there. +Learn More

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