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We partner with businesses and nonprofits to achieve greater results through alignment of Purpose, People, and Process.

We help find and fix problems related to workforce and client engagement, capacity constraints, and financial goals.


Through a free initial consultation, we will work together to determine how we can best support your needs.

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Our Services

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Opportunity Assessment

Evaluating the alignment of Purpose, People, and Process can uncover obstacles to achieving desired results.

Process Improvement

Whether your opportunities exist from strategic deployment to front-line problem solving, we can lead the effort to bridge these gaps. 


Having a coach can increase learning, accountability, and success whether you are facing new challenges or are new to Continuous Improvement.


Package Pricing for Services

During the initial, free 30-minute consultation, we will work together to determine the investment needed to achieve your goals.

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A La Carte Services

  • Process Mapping ($250) – Businesses and nonprofits find value in documenting processes for a variety of reasons, including: 1) Visualizing gaps in the process, 2) Reducing workforce onboarding time, 3) Ensuring clients receive consistent service. Investment of $250 includes initial planning discussion to determine goal, scope, and participants; virtual mapping session with up to ten participants; documented process; corresponding Word instructions.


  • Data Collection/Analysis ($70/30 mins.) – Learn more about your business and speed up decisions by documenting data, automating calculations, and running analysis. Investment varies greatly by complexity of client needs. Therefore, we will provide an estimate during the initial free consultation.

  • Editing/Proofreading ($45/hour) – One common business waste ties to miscommunication. We offer services to improve professionalism and clarity when delivering written messages.

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"I highly recommend Stephanie for any company that is serious about continuous improvement and world class results."

Dave McConnaughey, Northstar Aerospace

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