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Bring out the best in your People and Processes, so you can experience greater business Performance. 

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Whether you are looking to...

  • Improve customer or employee satisfaction
  • Free up financial resources
  • Position your business for growth

I partner with organizations to grow operational efficiency and effectiveness, freeing up financial resources and improving the human experience.
Let Light Bulb Moment help you achieve your goals! 

What Makes Us Different?

Light Bulb Moment is a female-owned and operated consulting firm based out of Columbus, Ohio. The owner, Stephanie Hill, primarily focuses on Midwest mid-sized businesses, yet has achieved international recognition for her work in Lean consulting.

With more than 20 years of continuous improvement experience across six industries, Light Bulb Moment will work with you to quickly assess your process, people, and performance needs to identify a custom approach that will elevate your business success.   

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Our Services

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Identifying and addressing gaps to achieving professional and business goals.

Lean Training and Facilitation

Improving the ability of your teams to achieve shared goals from front-line employees to senior leaders. 

Strategy Development and Deployment

Aligning senior and mid-level leaders to execute on top priorities for future success.

MY Light Bulb Moment

Hi! I'm Stephanie Hill.

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of having a job in which I could help people. I considered becoming a social worker, a doctor, or a volunteer for a large international organization.


Over time, I came to realize that I can contribute more to the world by helping others make their own improvements.

I discovered my personal mission, to enable people’s natural tendency to see and solve problems to make the world a better place. 

This means something different to everyone, and I am passionate about discovering how we can work together to make your company better for your customers, your workforce, and you!

While my approach is people centered, an organization’s financial success enables its ability to scale, which benefits both the employees and customers. 


Stephanie was a great help to our small local business. She was able to help our team add value to our client experience, all while improving our efficiency. Her methods are fun, interactive, and resonate with all of our staff.

Rob Hill, Prysm Jewelry & Piercing

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Light Bulb Moment

Located in Columbus, Ohio

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